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Waurika Lake Marina reopening after devastating fire

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WAURIKA LAKE, OK (KSWO) -Despite a devastating fire, the longtime owner of the Marina in Waurika Lake says she's determined to be open for business in two weeks.

The February fire sparked while they were trying to repair the roof. The owner, Nan Reese, was gearing up for their best lake season in recent memory after years of drought followed by a flood.

Reese plans on opening her doors by Memorial Day weekend, but she isn't sure it will happen.

"It's going to be pushing it. You know, I've still got a lot of stuff I've got on the outside of the store, plus the inside. The actual getting the gas and stuff up to date and everything," Reese said.

Right after the fire, she went through a time where she felt like everything was crashing down around her.

"I came out here and just sat down, and I mean, I just cried. You know, that because was our life, that was our business. You know, I thought, you know, we're done. It's just it...we are done," she said.

Reese planned on opening at a temporary location in March, but in the end wasn't able to. She misses her customers and she's ready to open the marina's doors again.

“We are more ecstatic now every day that we come out here and see more and more of it coming together. We're excited for it to open back up," Reese said.

Misty Robbins has been coming to the marina since 2005. She says was heartbroken and speechless when she found out that the marina had caught fire, but she is eager for it to open. She and her family built a relationship with the owners over the years from them coming out to the lake every chance they got.

"We love Nan and Eddy, they're wonderful people. They've taken us in as their own. They treat my kids as their own, and we just love it out here," Robbins said.

Judy Henderson grew up in Waurika and remembers the lake being built. She enjoys going to the lake to go fishing and to drink coffee with the Reese's before they open in the mornings.

"They are wonderful people and it is an asset to the lake and the community," Henderson said.

With time and support from many in the community, Reese now has a new perspective and higher spirits.

"I think it's all going to be good once it's put together and we get people in. It's going to be fresh and new with a new start," Reese said.

Reese says they still need to finish the shelves, get coolers, stock the marina and have the gas lines checked before they open.

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