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Reward offered following overnight burglary caught on camera

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -The owner of Lawton Gold Exchange is trying to find the thief who broke into his business early Tuesday morning.

The burglary was all caught on surveillance. Someone broke in just after 2:30 a.m. and stole more than $10,000 worth of jewelry. Besides taking a hit on inventory, the owner also has to replace the front door and the smashed glass on two jewelry cases.

When Austin Camp arrived Tuesday morning, he saw his front door broken in before he surveyed the damage and called the police. After calling the police, he checked surveillance video to see exactly what happened.

"Felt like throwing up to be honest with you. I felt horrible, felt bad, felt disgusted," Camp said.

Camp believes the burglar may have done this before.

"He came through the front door, came to this case right here, smashed it in, grabbed a bunch of jewelry and then proceeded to go to one of the front cases and smashed it in as well and scooped up a bunch of jewelry, and then scooped up some more and put it in a bag and out he went. Seemed professional, real fast job. It really hurts," Camp said.

Even though the shop was closed at the time of the break in, it is still frightening.

"It is a scary deal to be a business owner and to have someone come in and take a piece away of what you've been working real hard to achieve. So, it's not fun,” he said.

Camp says they try to keep their prices affordable, but break-ins hurt them.

"When we have someone come in, someone comes in and steals a lot of stuff, it is quite a hit. So, but we will overcome it, and continue on...that's all we can do," Camp said.

Camp says he will take preventative measures like having a 24-hour security guard to prevent this from happening again.

The identity of the burglar is unknown, but Camp hopes someone knows who it was and turns them in. He is offering a $5,000 reward to whoever gives a tip that leads to an arrest and conviction.

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