Students learn about food choices

Students learn about food choices
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Students at Duncan's Horace Mann Elementary learned firsthand about agriculture and nutrition.

The students learned how food is grown by taking part in an interactive walk-through display called Farm to You. The display focused on the steps a farmer takes when planting healthy foods like carrots, strawberries and grains before it all ends up on the kitchen table. The display also taught students how making poor food choices can have a negative effect or your body.

Some of the students say they didn't realize how harmful snacks really were to their bodies and now, thanks to the Farm to You display, they can make healthier food choices.

"I've been eating, well really not as many vegetables and fruits as I should be. They told us not to snack as much because that will make us not as strong," said Anna Grace Roberson, a fifth grade student.

Roberson admits that piece of advice is easier said than done, and that extra snacking is what Farm to You exhibit coordinator Cody Yount says the exhibit is trying to teach students to cut back on. He says the program is a good jump start for teaching children about healthy eating choices early on.

"Students that go through Farm to You are at least more likely to at least try vegetables, fruits and vegetables more often. They kind of understand why they need to eat those things besides mom told you to eat your broccoli," Yount said.

Yount says that alone proves the program is a success.

"What I'm hearing from the educators in the counties is that yes, they are seeing improvements and this is a jump start to other programs. More health and ag education programs, and the kids really seem to enjoy it. That brings a smile to my face because I know they are having a good time," Yount said.

Roberson agrees the exhibit was a good time, she says she also took away an important lesson she hopes will rub off on her family in the process.

"Just having a healthy body and learning about food groups and learning that we need to eat healthy. I'm going to cut off the snacks and say everyone needs to eat healthy," she said.

Farm to You also focused on proper hygiene, like the importance of washing your hands.

The area chapter of Future Farmers of America and the Stephens County Retired Educators Association helped guide the students through the booths.

Farm to You is a joint effort with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service. They cover all 77 counties in the state.

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