Fort Sill soldiers test their skills in obstacle course

Fort Sill soldiers test their skills in obstacle course

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) - Fort Sill got to be the first Army post to try a traveling America Ninja Warrior inspired obstacle course on Tuesday.

Alpha Warrior brought the course that is specifically designed for soldiers to test their strength and agility. American Ninja Warrior is a TV show where people try to complete one of the hardest obstacle courses ever designed. Two of those competitors travel with Alpha Warrior, Kacy Catanzaro and Brent Stefensen. They cheer on the soldiers and giving them tips on how to get through faster.

The soldiers got out there and tackled the physically demanding course. They didn't get through it without a few missteps and tumbles, but it was their first time. The America Ninja Warrior stars say seeing the soldier's determination is the reason why they bring this course here.

"Even if they went down or messed up, they wanted to get back up there and they've been doing really well," said Catanzaro.

Catanzaro and Stefensen were there to pick the soldiers back up with advice on how they can get through the course faster.

"They're really excited about this type of training, in general, this functional fitness movement that's really happening right now," said Stefensen. "It's just a good fit, I think."

First Lieutenant Justin Dugie jumped at the chance to be the first to go through the course.

"I don't have it at my house so probably never going to get to do this again," says Dugie. "So might as well do it now."

Stefensen says these obstacle courses are like the activities kids do during recess.

"A lot of us lose that playground after sixth grade and we stop being physical so it's good now that adults are getting back on the playground," said Stefensen.

With Stefensen's encouragement, 7News reporter Allie Haddican got back to the playground and tried the course.

Catanzaro says learning to master this obstacle course takes upper body strength and discipline, something soldiers get in their training.

"I think that really coincides with what the soldiers have to do, and having to be ready and to be functional and using your body," said Catanzaro. "So, I think the obstacles are a new challenge for them, and would be a really good way for them to train and be ready."

The Alpha Warriors say they want to come back to Fort Sill to give the soldiers another chance to master the course. They'll soon to be traveling around the U.S. to allow anyone the opportunity to try the Alpha Warrior course.

Alpha Warrior is on their way to Fort Hood, Texas, where they will set up their specialized course for the soldiers to test their skills there.

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