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Storm uproots trees, blows off roofs

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -Some residents in Duncan are still without power after overnight storms packing 60 mph winds brought down several power lines.

A massive cleanup effort was underway after trees were uprooted and roofs ripped from their homes, leaving residents to wake to the aftermath.

The cleanup is a huge undertaking. The community is working together to remove trees and debris that was left blocking several roads. Residents said while they're no stranger to severe weather, this is the worst damage they've seen. One resident says when the storm hit, she thought there was a tornado outside her front door.

"It was like this blackness moved down the street, and I've never seen the wind blow like that here before. I've lived here since 1985, and we've never had this kind of damage around here," said Linda Huck.

Over 60 mph winds swept through Duncan overnight, turning the small town upside down. There were several reports of trees uprooted and lying in roads and roofs torn off buildings. That damage kept residents busy cleaning up.

Linda Mouser says when the storm hit, they quickly took cover. Their truck was totaled when a nearby tree came crashing down.

"I looked off back that way and you could see there was a little bit of rotation in the clouds, and then when he said ‘well, it's coming.’ So we ran into the house. Then we got in the house and we heard the big crash and then when the storm died down, he looked out and he said we've got a tree over on our truck."

Line crews with PSO scrambled throughout the day to repair several 50-foot power poles.

Linda Huck, a Duncan resident, was surprised at the destruction the storm left behind. She saw flashes of light in the sky, but didn't realize the damage until she went around the corner this morning.

“We had seen the big fireball, and we could smell fire. Well we went to see what it was and it was the mess that's around the corner," Huck said.

Duncan Power Electric Utilities director David Yeager says they have about 85 percent of power restored, and 100 percent power restoration should happen by Monday night.

At the height of the storm, Duncan Power had about 4,500 customers without power. 

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