OSBI releases 2015 crime statistics

OSBI releases 2015 crime statistics

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) –The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation has released crime statistics for 2015. Overall, crime was down, but violent crimes saw an uptick.

In 2015, OSBI recorded 241 murders, 1,948 rapes, 2,960 robberies and 11,324 aggravated assaults. As a whole, violent crimes rose 3.7% over 2014, but murders rose 35.4%, 241 in 2015 compared to 178 in 2014. On the other hand, non-violent crimes, burglary, larceny and auto theft, fell 4.8% compared to 2014.

2015 was the second lowest cumulative total of violent crimes in the past decade; 16,473 in 2015, 15,887 in 2014 and the highest amount of 19,128 was in 2008.

For non-violent crimes (not including arson), 2015 had the lowest amount of recorded crimes with 109,004. 2009 topped the charts in the last decade with 130,965.

When crimes happen

Oklahoma law enforcement agencies reported the most crimes in July, and the least amount were reported in February. July had 11,474 reported offenses, February had 7,946. The same trend was seen in 2014 and 2013. Not counting February, which had 29 days this year, the other months only saw a difference of less than 2,000 reported crimes between each month.

Violent crimes saw a jump in June with 1,677; February had the least amount of reported violent crimes with 1,040.

Out of the 241 reported murders in Oklahoma in 2015, 31 of them were reported in July, 26 in December and eight in February. Forty-two of those murders were on Mondays, Friday and Saturday tied with 39 each and Tuesday had 27.

Forcible and attempted rapes were reported 1,948 times in 2015. Of those, 186 were reported in July and August, the most, and 135 were reported in November, the least.

February saw the least amount of robberies at 153; June saw the most with 322.

Aggravated assaults followed a similar pattern with 1,169 reports in June with July and August close behind. February only saw 726 aggravated assaults.

Crime breakdown

Out of the 241 people who were murdered in Oklahoma in 2015, nine of them were under the age of two. The largest amount, 39, were between the ages of 25 and 29. Seventeen were 60 or older.

One hundred and eighty six victims were male, 52 were female and three are unknown.

Firearms were used in 154 murder with handguns being used in 119 of them. Chemicals, asphyxiation/death by gas or poison, resulted in four murders. Blunt and sharp objects were used in 42 murders and physical power (hands, feet, strangulation or hanging) resulted in 18 murders. Others means or unknown means were used in the remaining 23 murders.

Guns were used in 1,398 of the reported robberies, 267 robberies were done with a knife or other cutting device. Other dangerous weapons were used in 203 robberies and hands and feet were used in 1,092 robberies.

Out of the 2,960 reported robberies, 907 happened in homes, 718 on the highway and 25 at banks.


Clearing crimes, either by an arrest, identifying the offender, charges being filed, the death of the offender or some other outside element, remained the same at 20% compared to 2014. Violent crimes had a slightly lower clear rate, 44.4% in 2015 to 41.5% in 2015. However, non-violent crimes were cleared at a slightly higher rate, 16.7% in 2014 up to 16.8% in 2015.

Out of the 123,157 arrests in 2015, 13,590 of them were juveniles; that's the lowest amount of arrested and juvenile arrests in the past decade.  Larceny accounted for the largest portion of juvenile arrests with a total of 2,380. Boys were more likely to be arrested compared to girls, 8,605-4,985.

Adults made up 109,567 of the arrests. Out of those, 15.7% were drug-related and 25.3% were alcohol related. Men made up 76,525 of the arrests and women made up 33,042 of the arrests.

Oklahoma County accounted for 33,782 of the arrests in 2015, Tulsa County accounted for 23,385 of the arrests; they had the largest amount of juvenile and adult arrests. Comanche County had 4,513 arrests, Cotton County had 42 arrests, Jackson County had 437 arrests, Jefferson County had 64 arrests, Kiowa County had 142 arrests, Stephens County had 742 arrests and Tillman County had 150 arrests.

Crime rate

OSBI says the crime rate per 1,000 residents isn't the best process and there is a delinquency in some reporting measures. In some years, towns and smaller cities included their crime rates under the county sheriff's department rather than under their police department.

As a county, Comanche County saw the highest crime rate per 1,000 in Southwest Oklahoma, but Elgin and Fletcher police departments saw a 0 report.

Caddo County – 21.81
Comanche County – 46.32
Cotton County – 2.6
Greer County – 6.84
Harmon County – 30.31
Jackson County – 26.8
Jefferson County – 14.55
Kiowa County – 19.53
Stephens County – 35.65
Tillman County – 29.41

At the city level, Duncan and Lawton Police Departments reported a 55.01 and 55.39 crimes per 1,000 residents respectively. While those numbers are on the higher end of the spectrum, Ardmore leads the way at 73.54 crimes per 1,000 people.

Ardmore Police Department – 73.54
Lawton Police Department – 55.39
Poteau Police Department -70.95
Idabel Police Department – 71.91
Muskogee Police Department -53.11
McAlester Police Department – 57.48
Shawnee Police Department – 61.6
Sallisaw Police Department – 60.72
Duncan Police Department – 55.01
Tulsa Police Department – 61.07
State of Oklahoma – 32.06

You can see a full breakdown of these statistics and other in-depth here.

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