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Duncan coffee shop brings smiles amid damage

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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -A Duncan coffee shop is trying to spread a little cheer to those who suffered property damage during last week's severe weather.

Strong winds blew out the front window of the Viridian Coffee Company, and the damage cost them a day's work. They've put up plywood until they can fix the window, but the owners felt the temporary fix was not only an eyesore, but was depressing. So, they decided to reach out to a local artist for a creative idea to brighten up their temporary fix as well as the community's mood.

"We were able to recover quickly and get back to work and continue to roast coffee. I know a lot of other folks are still dealing with that and we just wanted to be able to lighten up the neighborhood, bring a smile to their face and just keep that Oklahoma standard," said Shay Hayes, the coffee shop’s owner.

The artist, Katherine Farrow, said she wanted to help lend a helping hand toward the Oklahoma standard of giving back. Farrow says she's been drawing since she was a kid and thought a mural was a great idea to help put a little color back in the community.

"I'm very passionate about this. I think it's wonderful on so many levels. I love the idea of making people grin when maybe their having a bad day. We wanted to make everybody laugh at a difficult situation. We wanted to kind of make lemonade out of lemons and make everyone in the neighborhood smile,” Farrow said.

The couple says their customers are responding well to the mural, posting selfies to the coffee shop's Facebook page and thanking the couple for their kind gesture. Hayes says they hope to have the window fixed sometime next week.

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