Credit card fraud: 16 stores hit in one day

Credit card fraud: 16 stores hit in one day
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

CACHE, OK (KSWO) -Cache Police and other law agencies across southwest Oklahoma are looking for a woman who spent thousands of dollars at several Dollar General stores while using a stolen credit card number.

Surveillance video captured the woman walking into a Dollar General in Cache, on May 21, where she made fraudulent charges using a woman's card number out of Texas. Altogether, she went to 16 stores in 11 towns in Southwest Oklahoma and did it all on the same day.

Despite racking up nearly $5,000 in charges in one day, no one caught on until June 1.

Cache Police Chief Donna Kimmel says the suspect may have given herself away.

"When she made the purchases at the Cache store, she said she was here in Cache for a graduation, which we did have. Cache did have a graduation that day of all of these transactions," Chief Kimmel said.

Cache Police Officer Corporal Rusty Fraze says the suspect would walk into Dollar General and pick out Visa gift cards. When it came time to check out, she would intentionally use a card that she knew would not work.

"Once she used the card that would decline, she would ask the register if she would manually enter the card number in," Fraze said.

The transaction would then be approved since she was typing in a card number she memorized that belonged to a woman in Texas.

"She would just leave the store, and then a week or two weeks later, the stores…the district offices would get fraudulent reports back saying that it was fraudulent charges," Fraze said.

Chief Kimmel is hoping that Cache Police and the other police departments, where the fraudulent charges occurred, can collaborate to catch the suspect.

"We're just investigating ours in Cache, but we can all get together and instead of just one little you know tip or little bit of footage, you can put it together," Chief Kimmel said.

Chief Kimmel says this not only hurts the business but it also hurts the economy and the people who buy from the store.

"If she isn't caught, she's going to continue and they usually evolve and get better and learn other ways of defrauding individuals or businesses," Chief Kimmel said.

Fraze says the best way to prevent this from happening again is to check IDs to make sure the name on the card and ID match. Cashiers should also verify that the card swiped is the same number that is being typed in.

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