Brother wants answers after sister dies in hit-and-run

Brother wants answers after sister dies in hit-and-run

RANDLETT, OK (KSWO) -The brother of a woman who was killed in a hit-and-run is calling for the suspect to come forward, while also coming to his sister's defense.

Sylvia Bilyeu was walking along a highway just north of Randlett Thursday morning when investigators believe she was hit by a truck and left for dead. Since her death, Bilyeu's brother says many have taken to social media suggesting she may have jumped in front of the vehicle in an attempt to commit suicide, but her brother says he doesn't believe it.

Her brother says his sister was not suicidal, in fact he says she was happy and had so much to live for. He just wants the person who hit her to come forward take responsibility.

"She was just a normal mother, you know? She was fun loving, you know, she loved her kids. Her daughter had a birthday coming up next week. She was very excited about that. So, that's been kind of a hard thing to accept," Gene Davis, Sylvia's brother, said.

Davis says his sister was a mother of six and had one grandchild. Davis says hearing that she was left of the side of the road is hard to bear.

"What's sad is that she wasn't far from home. It's sad that someone would just leave here like that. It's as if she was treated like a piece of trash or a dog that had just been left of the side of the road," Davis said.

The unanswered questions they have, because they don't know who hit her, weighs heavy on his mind.

"Did they see her and you know, try to get out of the way? Was it, did they not see her at all? You know, I am confident that my sister was not suicidal."

Bilyeu's children are Davis' primary concern now. He says he doesn't want them to spend the rest of their lives wondering who killed their mom.

"I just don't want them to be bitter at the world and be resentful for what's happened. I want them to grow and be able to have good lives and to remember their mom and my sister in the best way possible," Davis said.

Davis asks whoever did this to come forward for the family's sake.

"At least give the family and her kids some closure. You know, if anyone happens to know who this was to please come forward. You know, it's unfair to the children you know to have to live something like this," he said.

Troopers are still trying to find what exactly the vehicle was that hit Bilyeu. Her body was taken to the medical examiners officer where they are trying to determine the time and the exact cause of her death.

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