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Elgin business offers sub-zero pain relief treatments

The cryo chamber reaches up to 280 degrees below zero. (Source KSWO) The cryo chamber reaches up to 280 degrees below zero. (Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO) (Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO) (Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO) (Source KSWO)

ELGIN, OK (KSWO) - A new business recently opened in mid-April that offers an unusual type of recovery method that freezes your body to 180 degrees below zero.

It's called a cryo chamber and it's designed to relieve pain. The process removes toxins from the body and enriches the body, helping the person recover faster from pain and inflammation. People with conditions ranging from fibromyalgia to rheumatoid arthritis, sleep apnea and even depression, have found relief through this process.

It can help anyone who works out regularly, or is an athlete, but it also is very beneficial to people who just want to relax and sleep better. The cryo chamber is a way to recover after a tough workout.

Elgin Cryo member Michelle Gallimore uses the chamber at least three times a week. She says she has back problems from years of dancing, and sessions have helped her a lot.

"I was skeptical about it too, because I don't like the cold,” Gallimore said. “I'd rather sun or water, but I tried it and afterwards it was weird. I was like, 'no, I can't feel this good after working out and coming here' but I did. I felt really good."

Elgin Cryo owner Robby Goodin demonstrated how everything works.

"We’re using liquid nitrogen and it's coming into the chamber. Right in here we've got a chamber that we're converting from liquid nitrogen into a gas and then pumping the gas into the chamber,” Goodin demonstrated.

Goodin explains they precool the chamber to 160 degrees below zero before the person gets in, so it is nice and cold. The temperature inside the chamber reaches up to 280 degrees below zero, constricting blood vessels to force the blood to the core of the body. Once the session is over, the blood flows back to rest of the body, cleaner and enriched with oxygen. Goodin says the cryo chamber is much more powerful than an ice bath.

"An ice bath, you're restricted to how long you can return back to activity,” Goodin said. “If anybody's ever done an ice bath, the joints are stiff, their sore, they recommend 12 to 24 hours before you return to exercising, and whole body cryotherapy you can immediately return to exercising."

Robby's sister-in-law, Carrie Goodin, is a business partner for Elgin Cryo and also a recent cancer survivor. She says cryo sessions have helped her with pain that she developed from cancer.

"I have a lot of nerve damage as well, in my left leg,” Carrie Goodin said. “And I noticed that if I do not cryo about once a week or once every week and a half, my pain increases and the swelling also increases."

Elgin Cryo is the only place in Southwest Oklahoma that offers cryotherapy sessions. The next closest one is in Edmond, Oklahoma.

There has been only one accident where a woman performed a session on herself and passed out, freezing to death in Nevada. However, cryo sessions are considered very safe as long as they are conducted with the help of another person to monitor your session.

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