Duncan beautician starts sunglass drive to help the homeless

Duncan beautician starts sunglass drive to help the homeless

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A Duncan beautician is on a mission to raise awareness about Mother Nature and the harsh effects it has on the homeless.

BJ Harvey, the owner of a Duncan hair salon, says she's teamed up with a church outreach program that helps the homeless with items like food and clothing. She says after a few mission trips to homeless camps, she realized that the needs of some of people who lived there went beyond food and clothing and now is affecting their health. She says that some of the homeless she talked to had eyesight problems because they were in the sun all day.

Harvey says those conversations at the homeless camps motivated her to start a sunglasses drive to help those who can't help themselves. She says she's taken to social media with the hopes of receiving more sunglasses for women and children.

"Most of the people we deal with are outside all day. they have cataracts, some of them have eyesight issues already," said Harvey.

Harvey splits her time between her daytime job as the owner of a hair salon and helping those in need. She says after a few encounters with the homeless who needed eye protection she saw something that brought her to tears.

"They had someone donate the little sunglasses thing that go over your glasses that you get from the doctors and they were taking those a putting strings through them, like rubber bands, so they could protect their eye. It made me really emotional, because I feel like that takes your dignity away when you have to do something like that," Harvey said.

So, Harvey decided to start a sunglasses drive causing her to take a closer look at the small things in life she says many of us take for granted.

"You and I have sunglasses, we feel like sunglasses are a necessity and they don't have that," Harvey said.

Harvey says there's no better feeling than putting her own selfish needs aside just to bring a smile to so many who are down on their luck.

"It's really not about the way I feel, it's about making sure other people feel loved and cared for," said Harvey, a feeling she hopes is contagious.

"Obviously, I encourage people in every city that's watching to do something. Take them to your homeless shelter to help people at home," Harvey said.

If you'd like to donate a pair of sunglasses, stop by Spyked Hair Salon Hair Salon in Duncan Monday through Saturday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. You have until June 15.

Harvey says they will deliver the sun glasses to Tent City in Oklahoma City and the homeless shelter in Duncan at the end of the month.

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