Fallen firefighters honored

Fallen firefighters honored

Lawton, OK (KSWO) -Fellow firefighters who lost their lives this year were honored during day two of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association convention.

Bagpipes played at the start of the memorial service at the Hilton Garden Inn followed by a procession of the family members of fallen firefighters. Once they were seated, the names of each firefighter were read.

There's no doubt the loss is great, with 246 Oklahoma firefighters names read aloud. Those retired and active that passed away since last April alone and out of the 246 that passed only one of the names read was of firefighter killed in action.

"It becomes like a family. So, it's very important to us to recognize those that came before us," Lumry said.

Administrative Director and past President of the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association Steve Lumry, says firefighters share a deep rooted bond, one that joins them for life.

"It's team effort we work together we our issues are pretty common in nature the types of things that affect us safety and health and those kind of things since it's such a dangerous job," Lumry said.

And as they remember the fallen, Lumry says they also honor their loved ones, letting the families know that they are still part of the family is important.

"We don't want the families to think that they're forgotten. Like a lot of professions, once somebody leaves the company, or leaves that job, you know they just move on and they are gone and then when they pass away the family is left to deal with it on their own," Lumry said.

OSFA's current President Raanon Adams says the second day of the four day convention is extremely special, since it opens the doors for the families.

"I think it's pretty neat that to have the open ceremony and have the families of the that have lost loved ones in prior service," Adams said.

Lumry, says remembering those that are no longer with the department is a tradition they are honored to continue.

"We're such a close, tight net community of firefighters that we like to include the families and the families participate and they come to fire stations a lot. They support their firefighters and the time that they spend doing this job. So, it's important to remember those families as well," Lumry said.

Tomorrow's convention events include discussion of business matters which they will vote on the several resolutions on Saturday. They will take a break from business matters Friday night for a banquet.

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