Fire department evacuates residents

Fire department evacuates residents

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - While the rain has stopped on Sunday, officials believe the worst part of the flooding still may be ahead of us.

The Lawton Fire Department used trucks and a boat to rescue people stranded in their homes. Despite the people being rescued, officials still worried about the rest of the night.

Ward Two City Councilman Keith Jackson says he has concern about East Cache Creek. He says the water will be coming down from Lake Lawtonka and Lake Ellsworth.

"We're moving a lot of water down stream and that water has not even gotten to Lawton yet,” Jackson said, “so that's where our concern is and we kind of feel that the worst has yet to come as far as the garden village and turtle creek area."

Jackson said it takes about ten hours for the water to get to Lawton. Lawton Fire Department Major Mike McDaniel says the department is working to make sure they are prepared when that time comes.

"We have fire fighters in each truck with life preservers on, they're making contact, going door to door, encouraging people to leave right now,” McDaniel said. “The water is still rising in the neighborhood, it'll increase, right now is the best time to get the people out so that's what we're doing."

McDaniel said evacuating as soon as possible is extremely important. "If you delay evacuation, every hour that you delay it puts our fire fighters and rescuers in harm’s way. It creates a more difficult situation for our rescuers to get them out."

Jackson said he is extremely impressed by the efforts of our local first responders.

"This flooding happened all over Lawton,” Jackson said. “All of their crews were out full time, all of their fire crews were out rescuing people out of cars, out of homes, out of being on the street when they shouldn’t have been. But it's been a massive effort to try to save the lives of some of these people."

McDaniel said in the garden village and turtle creek area alone they rescued between 35 and 40 people from their homes.

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