Police believe weather responsible for cemetery damage

Police believe weather responsible for cemetery damage

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Lawton Police say there's no evidence that vandals were responsible for the damage at Highland Cemetery.

Jack Hanna, the director of Lawton's Parks and Recreation Department, believed two or three people may have knocked over 97 headstones. However, Lawton Police say the incident is not being investigated and a report was only taken for information purposes.

Officers and a supervisor went to the cemetery to assess the damage and they believe the damage was due to Sunday's flooding; they say there's no evidence to believe it was the work of vandals.

Police noted large tree limbs, flower urns and other cemetery items had been washed up against the cemetery's fence line.

Hanna says there will only be minimal, if any, cost to the City to repair the headstones because two monument companies, along with a local Native American tribe, a fraternity from Cameron University and a businessman offered their help for free to upright and repair the stones.

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