'Be a better me' camp teaches kids life lessons

'Be a better me' camp teaches kids life lessons
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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Lawton camp is teaching kids how to tap into their true academic potential while learning how to be a better person.

At "Be a better me" camp, children in first through fifth grade color, dance and even participate in STEM projects while learning how to be a good person, and a "super friend."

These kids are learning how to engineer things. They are expressing themselves through creative writing, and doing stem projects. Organizers say while the camp is fun, the kids will take away lessons that they'll use throughout their lives.

"We need to be kind to each other, and that anything that anything that happens to you, it's all good," said Jocelyn Tempalski, a camper.

"It's about being a better yourself, and being a super friend," said Alissa Rodgers, a camper.

"If you have a bruise or if you're not having a good day, it's just all good," Kemper Franklin, a camper.

"A super friend is some person that protects the light, which is your goals, your dreams, your wishes and who you want to be in the future," said Greyson Hyde, a camper.

Protect the light, stay tight, and it's all good…that's just one of the lessons these children have been leaning. Camp instructor and professor Dr. Marco Columbus teaches this motto to students of all ages, including his college students. He says this camp has been a great way to teach it to a younger generation while still covering many other academic skills.

"There's not many arts programs that go on throughout the year, so this was a way for us to give back to the, you know, the foundation of the grass roots efforts, to give our teachers an opportunity to work with students in the community," Dr. Columbus said.

The students had the opportunity to tour the colleges campus and do several projects that allowed them to show their creativity.

Kristin Archey was one of the volunteers who helped teach the kids this week and she says they did several projects that really taught them how to think outside of the box.

"They created solar ovens and they created these out of pizza boxes, and they went outside and actually made s'mores with these pizza ovens. And that was one of their favorites. They had to engineer these pizza boxes so that way they would actually cook their s'mores," Archey explained.

The camp is designed to help uplift kids and show them that learning is fun through STEM, creative writing and arts and crafts.

Hyde, 9, is one of the campers and he described his week as epic.

"Because we get to do tons of cool stuff here, I mean, just today we just played dodge ball," Hyde said.

The kids also did Zumba during the week and created their own superhero in a comic book.

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