Lawton mom charged with child abuse

Lawton mom charged with child abuse

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –A Lawton mother was charged with child abuse after she hit her child with a belt multiple times.

The child's father told police he left the 5-year-old in Ashley Humel's care on June 14. When he returned to the home, he found visible marks over the majority of his son's body. The father called police and showed them the numerous welts on the boy's arms, face, neck and buttocks.

Police read Ashley Humel her Miranda rights and she agreed to talk to them. She told police it was her understanding that she was allowed to "strike the child with any switch, paddle, belt, hand or spoon in this state of Oklahoma and use any reasonable justifiable force." Humel told the officers she thought the discipline was legal due to a "previously investigated case with DHS one year prior."

Ashley Humel told officers she wanted the child to go outside and play, and the child knocked some things off the table and hit the wall on his way out. Ashley Humel told police she took a belt and bent the child over the corner of the bed and struck him at least five times. She said she probably swung five more times, but missed because the child kept moving. She admitted she may have swung more than five times. Ashley Humel told the officers the child wouldn't lay across the bed, so she "finally backed him into a corner." She said she "got him a few good times," but she became upset when the child kicked her in the leg.

Police showed photos of the child's injuries to her and they asked if she thought it was excessive, she said no.

Ashley Humel was booked into the Comanche County Detention Center June 16 and her bond was set at $150,000.

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