Search takes emotional, physical toll

Search takes emotional, physical toll

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - The search for a missing boy has moved out of the city of Duncan and into the rural areas of southern Stephens County.

As the search to find eight-year-old Damion Davidson enters day six, the efforts of the search and rescue teams are taking a toll, both mentally and physically.

"Adrenaline takes care of some of the emotions wanting to make a rescue, wanting to find the young man," Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford said. "But as it goes on, it takes a toll because you feel like you failed the family, you failed the citizens of Duncan, and the residents of Stephens County."

"Today has been a day where we were challenged with a lot of weather, heat and hot humidity," Stephens County Wayne McKinney said. "It has taken its toll on some of our people. I can't tell you how many thousands of hours all the agencies involved have put into the search and rescue efforts for this young man."

Damion is autistic, and vanished Sunday morning during a severe thunderstorm.

Three members of the search and rescue team succumbed to heat exhaustion Thursday and were treated for symptoms, and in one case, injury, after falling.

Due to the rough terrain currently being searched in the county, only those with specialized training are searching the area. Investigators are asking that farmers and ranchers check their pastures, fence lines, and anywhere they experienced recent water overflow.

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