Cows still missing after Sunday's flooding

Cows still missing after Sunday's flooding
(Source KSWO)
(Source KSWO)

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Nearly a week after flooding wreaked havoc on the Lawton area, one farmer says he is still trying to locate all of his cattle.

Fences are still down all across parts of eastern Comanche County after heavy flooding on Sunday. The lack of fences has led to cows and horses wandering around the area.

One farmer says the flooding actually swept 20 of his cows off into a creek.

Brad Davis said they were able to recover almost all of their cattle, though four are still missing. He said work continues as they try to get their fences back up and get everything back to normal.

"It was very devastating at first, knowing and seeing and hearing and there's nothing you can do about it, watching them get swept down into the creek," Davis said.

That was Sunday morning when the cows were initially swept away. Davis said when the flooding stopped, they immediately got to work trying to get the cows home.

"It's been challenging because the land right south of us is filled with trees and vegetation and is hard to get around. But me and my dad both have drones, we've been flying with drones looking for them, using four-wheelers, anything we can do to get back in there," he said.

Davis says they were able to quickly locate and retrieve several of the cows still alive and well. However, three died, but there was a surprising outcome for one of the cows that was presumed dead.

"We were called by a neighbor of ours two and a half miles down the creek. She washed all the way to his place and she was standing out there in his pasture," Davis explained.

Davis says there was a huge sigh of relief when they began locating some of the cows.

"Because that's a large investment, a bunch of money going down the creek," Davis said.

He says the cows that have already returned home are acting a little strange.

"You can tell they're a little spooky, haven't quite sure of what's going on. So, they're sure not acting themselves," Davis said.

Davis said the entire area was impacted by the flooding, so anyone driving in the area should be on high alert because there could be cows on the roads.

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