Fort Sill hosts annual Minutemen to Missiles

Fort Sill hosts annual Minutemen to Missiles

FORT SILL, OK (KSWO) –Lawton and Fort Sill celebrated the Army's 241st birthday by hosting "Minutemen to Missiles" on post.

There were re-enactors portraying soldiers throughout American history from the Revolution through the Desert Storm and equipment displays, small arms and artillery demonstrations. There were also blank firing of rifles, muskets and artillery pieces throughout the day. This event was put on so everyone could be hands on with the artillery and really experience American military history.

"It's the little things like this that make the military life very special for us," said Jed Fisher, Instructor for field artillery.

Seeing, touching and experiencing the history of the Army heritage is something very close to this field artillery instructor's heart and something he hopes his kids learn to respect.

"It's important to me for them to have a sense of history and a sense of who they are as military kids they're going to move around a lot and have to adapt, but it's nice to be able to put it in perspective and see the history behind it," said Fisher.

The director of museum services, Frank Siltman says history is a neglected field.

"We have a long and rich history and where the Army came from and how it developed, how it served our republic for 241 years and been an essential part of maintaining our liberty and protecting our society," said Siltman.

And he hopes through experiences like today, people, like Fishers children, will get hooked.

"This is really what it was like this is really a representation of army history," said Siltman.

Most importantly, he says come to Fort Sill and use the opportunities available to learn, grow and appreciate the military.

"That they leave here with an understanding of what the Army has done for the nation," said Siltman.

Minutemen to missiles is held every year during the week of June 14 to celebrate the Army's birthday.

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