Police retrace steps in search for Damion

Police retrace steps in search for Damion
Damion Alexander Davidson (Source Duncan Police Department/Facebook)
Damion Alexander Davidson (Source Duncan Police Department/Facebook)

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The search for 8-year-old Damion Davidson has been scaled back to smaller search groups who are focusing on specific areas.

Damion went missing early morning Sunday, June 12. Monday's search marks day nine since he first walked away from his home during a storm.

Damion is autistic and non-verbal, and he was believed to have left his home in the middle of the night. After days of searching in and along waterways and areas in Duncan, the search has been passed over to the sheriff's office as police start re-tracing their steps.

The Duncan Police Department has gone back to square one to see if they've missed anything. They're looking into any possible leads and going through all of the surveillance videos. They have nearly 180 gigabytes of drone footage alone that still has to be reviewed.

After search dogs went out over the weekend, they were back at it Monday. However, the dogs can only work so long before they need to rest from the heat. Investigators plan on employing an airplane Monday evening to help cover a larger area.

Duncan Police Lt. John Byers says they're backtracking to see if they've missed anything.

"Basically going back from point A, the starting point, retracing all our tracks, going back through and making sure we haven't missed anything. Getting any video that we happened to miss. Even if it's from a citizen's house. We've gotten several today. We'll start going back through them, looking minute for minute, basically second for second, on each one of those videos, making sure we haven't missed anything," Lt. Byers said.

Officials say they are still asking for residents to check home surveillance videos, and if anything is found that might be suspicious or helpful, to contact Duncan Police.

"If you have surveillance outside, go through it and look. If we haven't contacted you, you know if you want to burn it off and put it on a CD, or DVD or a thumb drive. We'll be more than happy to come by and get it," Lt. Byers said.

Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney says they've put close to 5,000 man hours in this search, and they don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

"There are still some areas that we do want to look at again. Whether it be aerial surveillance or aerial searching. Or whether it be small ground teams. And that's what we're going to continue to go forward with. We still maintain hope that he will be found," Sheriff McKinney said.

In total, Lt. Byers says they have over 28 hours of surveillance footage to review. He says they won't close this case until Damion is found.

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