Tuition going up at Cameron for second year in a row

Tuition going up at Cameron for second year in a row

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -Cameron University students will see another tuition increase in the fall.

For the second year in a row, the Oklahoma Legislature has reduced its education funding, cutting about $3.35 million from Cameron University alone. Faced with the drastic revenue shortfall, the university is doing everything they can to adjust, but the university president John McArthur said a tuition hike was inevitable.

In fall 2016, students will see a 7% increase in tuition, which breaks down to an additional $13 per credit hour. So, for full time students, they'll have to shell out around $195 more per semester

Students, like international student Tolulade Adenuga, say the increase might mean a big change in her enrollment plans.

"For us to get money from back home, is not actually easy. And if they increase tuition, it's not going to be easy for international students," Adenuga said.

Cameron University president John McArthur says with state funding being reduced so much, he says his hand was forced.

"Tuition is the last lever we pull when we are trying to do this. But this year, a 16% cut and appropriations from the state Legislature, it really didn't leave me any other levers to pull that wouldn't dramatically reduce the quality of education at Cameron," McArthur said.

McArthur says he understands that this increase will be hard for some of the students, so they've turned to alternative funding sources.

"We've increased [scholarships] by about $161,000, and we've also raised additional private funds. We had over $250,000 is private gifts last year from donors to provide scholarships for students," McArthur said.

The university is also reducing its expenditures by $4.3 million, which is an 8.95% decrease from what was spent the year before. The decrease is a direct result of the elimination of 66 faculty and staff positions, as well as a reorganization of some academic and administrative departments.

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