Kevin Harrington leaving MacArthur to coach with brother in Texas

Kevin Harrington leaving MacArthur to coach with brother in Texas

LAWTON, Okla (KSWO) - Another longtime head coach is leaving Lawton. MacArthur boys' basketball coach Kevin Harrington has stepped down after more than 30 years at the school. He'll be heading to Texas to join his brother, former Eisenhower head coach Bruce Harrington at North Side high school in Fort Worth.

"Well there's several factors. The first is of course my brother and myself wanted to coach together and this was an opportunity to do that. We can retire in Oklahoma," said Harrington. "You know it's hard to leave MacArthur. I've been there 32 years. I love MacArthur. I didn't think this would ever happen but the opportunity just came that way."

Harrington has accomplished a lot in his time at MacArthur. He's led the Highlanders to 375 wins and a hand full of state tournament appearances. It's that winning culture that makes it hard for Harrington to leave Mac.

"I would say probably the thing that I will remember most about MacArthur is that I got to coach nine all-staters. We went to the State Tournament five times. We had 20 consecutive winning seasons. We had a lot of success. We were always there," Harrington said. "I'm leaving the program with some good talent coming up and there are just a lot of good memories at MacArthur High School."

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