A Child Who Hopes: Garet

A Child Who Hopes: Garet

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – Meet Garet. He is a baseball-loving 16-year-old, who's looking for a family to adopt him.

Garet was recently treated to his very own behind-the-scenes tour of the Chickasaw Bricktown Ball Park. It was like a field of dreams for the teen who says his love for the game started at an early age.

"What they do on the field basically impresses me and makes me want to play," said Garet.

He says these days, hitting the ball is like a stress reliever.

"No one is rushing you to do your swing. It's like peaceful and relaxing when you just let your anger out on the ball," said Garet.

Garet has been in DHS custody for two years and currently lives in a group home. He says thinking about the future gets him through the tough times.

"After I finish college, I'd like to join the Marines or the Army," said Garet.

And while he's only in the 10th grade, you can tell that he already has exactly what it takes. "I'm a fun, caring, loving person and I understand a lot of things and I just love to be around people," said Garet.

Although he's experienced his share of strikes in life, he keeps up hope that one day he'll make it home.

"A cheerful family that will accept me for who I am and understand that I make mistakes sometimes," said Garet. If you would like to go to bat for Garet, just call 580-250-3700 extension 3719 to learn more about the adoption process.

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