Building burns to the ground in Duncan

Building burns to the ground in Duncan
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DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - A business in Duncan is destroyed after it went up in flames Tuesday morning.

The building has been there since the early 1900's. It's been the home of The Mix Marketplace and Tea Room since July 2015. The call for help came around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday, from a waitress who was inside when the flames started to build.

Investigators are still looking into what might have started the fire. Several waitresses who said when they first smelled the smoke, they thought it was from the oven turning on, but when they turned around, they could see the flames coming from the ceiling.

When waitresses at The Mix Marketplace and Tea Room got to work today, they had no idea what devastation was coming their way. Kalee Fleetwood had just pulled up, and when she opened the doors she couldn't believe her eyes.

"As soon as I opened the doors I saw flames," Fleetwood said. "And Monica came to the front door, and she said 'get out get out get out, there's a fire,' and I stepped back and she ran outside, and we ran over into the other side of the street."

Kylie Rodriguez was inside the building when they realized something was wrong.

"We smelt something burning," Rodriguez said. "We told our boss that it smells like it's burning in here. And she said, 'well I just turned on the oven, so it's probably the oven.' So we just went back to doing our work, and then we turned around and we saw the whole upstairs just engulfed in flames."

Duncan Police Chief Danny Ford says fire crews attacked the fire from the front and the back of the building. But when the fire continued to spread, they had to change tactics.

"Just see if there was any way to save the building," Ford said. "But when it became fairly clear that we couldn't it became a matter of protecting other property. And especially the mode we went in to was defensive mode at that point."

The Edward Jones Building is connected to the mix marketplace and while the Mix is destroyed, firemen were able to prevent the fire from burning the neighboring businesses down. Yancy Spivey owns part of the Edward Jones building and says he's waiting to assess the damage that his business suffered.

"We definitely have a lot of smoke damage, and probably some water damage," Spivey said. "I can see a lot of water coming out. But the building is still standing. So that's definitely a positive. I certainly feel bad for the Mix Marketplace because that's a total loss."

Fleetwood said the loss could have been even more devastating if any of her co-workers had gotten hurt, or worse.  She said the timing of her arrival was fortunate, because the front door locks on both sides, so when she got there to unlock it from the outside, those inside were able to instantly escape.

"I opened that door and Monica got to come out," Fleetwood said. "I mean she would have had to break a window open if the door wasn't unlocked, I unlocked the door just in time. We all got out safely, I mean it could have been really bad."

The State Fire Marshal is still investigating to pinpoint what sparked this fire. Duncan Fire says they are going to keep someone here on site to monitor the hot spots overnight.

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