Altus launches shop local program

Altus launches shop local program

Lawton, OK (KSWO) -The Altus Economic Development Corporation has kicked off a shop local drive to encourage residents to spend their dollars within the city.

The Altus Approved program started in early June and will run through the end of the summer. It allows local businesses to be marketed through social media, radio, t-shirts and on signs throughout the city showing that they are participating. Some local stores are even offering a discount if you mention, or ask about Altus Approved.

"I've had lots of people say, hey we've seen the signs, tell us what Altus Approved is," said Krystal Martin, Altus resident and store owner.

Martin says she's always stressed the importance of shopping local and giving back to the community and she's thankful the city decided to make this a priority this time of the year.

"It's just driven some people out in the summer months when usually things tend to be a little bit slower. It's made people want to come out and stay a little bit," said Martin.

Martin says people don't realize the different items you can buy here that you can't buy anywhere else.

"We hear great things about our Altus stores. We have small stores, but we have unique products in them. We have the best service and nice friendly owners in them," said Martin.

Brian Bush, the Director of Altus Southwest Economic Development Corporation says by boosting sales at local businesses, it also generates more revenue for city government, which allows the entire town to thrive, and grow.

"It comes back in our local sales tax and that helps support city services and keep those affordable for our citizens, so they don't have to see an increase in fees and rates in other ways," said Bush.

Bush says more than local stores are participating in Altus Approved so far, but expects more to come on board. He says they're looking to build new things to improve the city, but the first priority is to help the businesses that are already there.

"We think there's something really special happening here in Altus. We think there's so much to be proud of here in our community. We want people who live here, but also people in he surrounding area to know about that and celebrate that," Bush says.
Bush says although the program was designed just for the summer, they're hoping more and more businesses will take part going into the future to highlight the City of Altus.

The Altus Approved program is also encouraging citizens to support local businesses and what Altus has to offer through social media, by using the hashtag Altus Approved.

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