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Senator calling to suspend Hillary Clinton's security clearance

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) - Oklahoma's junior U-S Senator James Lankford is calling for Clinton's security clearance to be revoked, as a result of her actions.  He said failure to do so would be a clear double standard, since members of the military and intelligence communities understand the consequences of such a breach.

"When you have someone that's going to lead the military, or someone who will lead intelligence operations, that the people that are there that we're supposed to trust, don't trust their own leader, that puts us at real risk as a nation, that the people that carry out the Commander-in-chief's orders don't trust the Commander-in-chief,” said Lankford.

A bill was introduced in the Senate today to strip Clinton's security clearance, as well as that of her closest aides, and House Speaker Paul Ryan submitted a formal request today to the Director of National Intelligence to revoke her credentials.

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