Shop local: 3 Waurika shops closed recently

WAURIKA, OK (KSWO) -Business owners in Waurika are pleading for residents to shop local after three business were forced to shut down or move due to a lack of sales.

In the past six weeks, three business shut their doors. In a city with a population of around 2,000 people, officials say that type of loss takes a big hit to their tax base.

The Waurika Chamber Commerce president says they're in the brainstorming process, trying to come up with ideas that with help the city, chamber and business owners work together to make sure business are getting the help they need to succeed.

Business owners along Main Street say many residents live here for the small town feel and charm, and they're concerned the town could turn into a ghost town if businesses don't thrive. They say the only way to keep that from happening is for residents to spend their money here.

"We can all get in our cars and we can drive, and it doesn't take us very long. You know, we think we can save a few dollars by going out of town, but we'll feel the hurt if we don't support what's here," said Lance Waid, a Waurika resident and small business owner.

Waid says that little communities like Waurika are strong. He says one or two business leaving a community like Waurika is a lot bigger deal than two or three leaving Lawton or Duncan, but the citizens of Waurika have been through lows before and they've always managed to come back stronger.

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