Cameron graduate to teach gymnastics in China

Cameron graduate to teach gymnastics in China

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A Cameron University graduate and former CU cheerleader is packing his bags to fly halfway around the world to teach and coach gymnastics in China.

Corey Medley is expected to board a plane to Shanghai, China, as early as Sunday. Over the past year, Medley has been teaching Spanish to students at Cache High School and putting gymnastics on the back burner. He says it's always been a passion of his. So, when his friend told him about the opportunity to coach and teach, it was a no brainer.

The process from application to actually landing the job has been exhausting. Medley applied in March and had the job interview in Canada in June. In July, he found out he didn't get the job, but he says five days later he got another call telling him he was going to China.

"When I got the message, I literally froze. I mean he was like, 'I didn't think you were going to respond.' Cause I literally was like, after having read it, I was like what do I say? I was literally frozen in time," Medley said.

Medley says it's been two days and he's still in shock.

"Yesterday was the first day that I had woken up and I was like 'Wow! I'm actually going to China within a weeks' time,' and it's still hasn't hit me yet. It still hasn't hit me yet. I'm still like in that honeymoon phase where I'm so flabbergasted that this opportunity is actually here...and receiving...getting that word and getting that good news it was just the only think I could say is thank God. I mean, it's definitely eye opening," Medley said.

He's already thinking about the possibilities. With the Olympics just around the corner, Medley can't help but wonder if might get to coach a future gold medalist.

"It would be amazing to raise an athlete in China that actually goes on to win a gold medal. I mean, I'm looking forward to anything. 2020 Olympics maybe, we don't know. I mean, I wasn't expecting this opportunity, so who knows in four years what could happen."

Medley says he hopes that while he's there, he can inspire others through love, peace and encouragement. He wants everyone to know what it feels like to have people rooting for them.

"I hope that not only from the kids in China, but even the kids here to know that there's a world outside of what you know. Experience it, live it, be it, because the only way to touch people and change peoples' lives is to go out there and give your story or be that inspiration that most people want to see," Medley said.

Medley says this won't be his first big move. When he moved to Lawton seven years ago, he didn't know anyone but says Lawton made him a better person and prepared him for this next step in his life.

"The network of people that are here and the support system that I've had since I've been here, it's absolutely amazing. I love this place, but it's time to move on, you know, and sail with the wind," Medley said.

Medley says he also looks forward to learning to speak Mandarin, Shanghainese and Cantonese while he's there.

Medley will coach and teach at a gym called Aspire China. Once his one-year contract is up, he'll have to decide whether he wants to stay or move back.

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