Mega Millions winner from Duncan, identity unknown

Mega Millions winner from Duncan, identity unknown

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) -The winner of a $1 million lottery ticket has staked their claim, but their identity is unknown.

The winning ticket was purchased last week at the Hop 'n Sack on the corner of Southwest 45th Street and Gore Boulevard, but the winner is from Duncan. On Tuesday, a trust, "The Below Par Trust," claimed the winning Mega Millions ticket that matched all five numbers. By law, a winner who claims their winnings through a trust can remain completely anonymous throughout the entire process.

Everyone in Duncan wished they had won the lottery, but said anyone winning would be good for the community.

"That's amazing, that's incredible. Because people around here are very skeptical about it, so it's good that someone from our home state has won," said Cheryl McKenzie, a Duncan resident.

The winner in Duncan has chosen to stay anonymous, which some people believe was a great idea.

"Family comes out of the woodwork, people you don't even know come out of the woodwork," said Matthew Rickerson, a Duncan resident, said.

"It seems they all want something, this seems to be the biggest time that anybody really wants anything to do with you when they don't want anything to do with you any other time," McKenzie Baxley said, a Duncan resident, said.

"Just the worriedness of criminal types, so I wouldn't change much to make it noticeable if I came into a lot of money," Mark Slavin, a Duncan resident, said

"I wouldn't want all of my friends from the past coming and knocking on my door," McKenzie said.

Winning $1 million from the lottery comes out to around $710,000 after everything is said and done, and everyone has some idea on how to spend it.

"Probably put it in the bank and save it for retirement. Maybe buy a nicer vehicle," Slavin said.

"Definitely put the kids through college, and buy a house, buy some property, you know, put some roots down somewhere," Baxley said.

"I don't think I would really purchase a lot, I'm pretty frugal, but I would put all three of my kids through college without going into debt," McKenzie said.

Seeing a winner in Duncan keeps them hopeful that their day of winning may come at some point down the road.

A few people do know who the lucky winner is, but they did not want to reveal his identity so he could stay anonymous.

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