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Cameron University boasts most Pokéstops in Lawton, party held

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LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –Cameron University’s Alumni Association took part in the Pokémon GO craze and invited the public to come out and play Friday.

Hundreds of players came out to the Pokémon GO party, hosted by Cameron's Alumni Association.

With stories coming out over the past week about the dangers of playing Pokémon GO, some people are concerned for their safety while playing the game.

Pokémon GO players, young and old, walk all around Cameron University's campus at all hours of the day, and night. During the heat of the summer, for some, the best time to get out and play is after the sun sets and the temperatures are cooler. But for them, safety is a concern.

For Pokémon GO players who like to play at night, Cameron University is one of the best places to go in Lawton. All of the paths are well lit, and if you feel unsafe, there are emergency call boxes spread throughout campus. If you press the call button, a campus officer will come to help you.

Paul Certeza brings his daughter Ashley to Cameron’s campus to play the game together. He says Ashley likes to play where there are a lot of Pokémon to catch, and he likes to take her to campus

"It's just nice to have a safe environment that people can come to and enjoy it without having to worry really too much about people out there that might take advantage like we've heard in news stories before," Certeza said.

Cameron University has seen the foot traffic on their campus pick up after the release of Pokémon GO on July 6. Corey Sanders, an instructor on campus and also a Pokémon GO player, says that is because the campus is the site for the most Pokéstops in Lawton. Cameron has 23 landmarks or buildings that players can go to get items in the game, and meet up with other players.

"So, anything that could be considered art or something of significance in the town is a stop. And I think that speaks a lot about Cameron and its importance to the town when we have so many stops in this area," Sanders said.

The university has embraced the new game, and the role campus plays in it with the Pokémon Party. They tell everyone that comes to campus to play to be courteous to the students that live on campus, and not to wander into parts of campus that are under construction or store equipment.

Cameron's Alumni Association says they had a better turn out than expected, and want to plan another party in the next few weeks.

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