Snyder man stomped by horse, suffered broken ribs and organ loss

Snyder man stomped by horse, suffered broken ribs and organ loss

SNYDER, OK (KSWO) -A roper, father and Cameron student is recovering at the OU Trauma Center after his stomach was stomped by a horse.

It happened last week in northwest Comanche County. Miles Baker, Garrett Reed's best friend and brother-in-law, says the two were team roping when the accident happened. He says Reed was training a young horse when the horse started to buck and Reed couldn't regain control. He fell to the ground and under the horse's feet.

In addition to suffering multiple broken ribs, doctors had to remove a third of his liver and remove his spleen completely. To make matters worse, Reed underwent a second kidney transplant four years ago after the first one failed. Doctors are having to monitor his kidneys closely since the medicine he's taking is affecting his organs.

Baker says he Reed are thick as thieves. He says they share a stronger bond than most. When his brother-in-law needed a kidney, he stepped up and gave him his.

"Just get back out here, I need him back out here. Like I said we...we're team ropers and we make a living doing this, and me and him we're kind of partners in crime and every day from noon to 7 or 8 o'clock we're out here doing our stuff, you know," Baker said.

Baker says this isn't the first time his brother-in-law has fallen from the horse. He says he's seen him dust himself off before, but this time things were different.

"It sounded like we hit two wooden bats together. I mean, the moment the horse stepped on him, it just, it crushed it, it pretty much crushed the all the ribs in his, you know, on his right side and it was crazy. As soon as it happened, I knew it crushed his ribs," Baker said.

Baker says within minutes, he saw the color in Reed start to turn.

"I knew as soon as it did and that something was wrong, because he was turning as green as this grass," Baker said.

He says seeing his partner, friend and family member in agony was heartbreaking.

"It was definitely scary seeing him lay there like that, because it, like I said, it wasn't like you or I laying on the ground hurting, it was somebody that's been through numerous transplants. You know, he almost lost his life several times already and you're just lying there looking at him thing man, he's come a long way to lose it now," Baker said.

Baker says once at the hospital, they were dealt an even bigger blow. He says when he gave his lifelong friend his kidney, doctors said it would last the rest of his life, but now they aren't so sure.

"I wouldn't say it's fully functioning now. They had questioned whether it was going to be working at all after this, just due to all the new...I think they said they put 36 pints of blood through him and that blood was internally coming out through his liver and his spleen and they had doubts that that kidney would last," Baker said.

Baker says the doctors are optimistic. He says Reed keeps a positive attitude despite a long road to recovery.

"You know, Garrett…he's tough as nails for what he's already been through. He's sitting up at the hospital right now and as soon as he woke up he asked 'is my horses taken care of? Do I need to do anything?' You just hang on and take care of yourself, we got everything under control," Baker said.

Baker says once Reed gets released from the hospital, he won't be able to work for a couple months. Friends and family are holding a benefit for Reed and his family on Sunday to help with the medical bills. There will be roping, a silent auction and food on Sunday, July 17, at a ranch on the west side near the intersection of CR North 2210 and CR East 1610, roughly 6.8 miles northwest of Snyder. A GoFundMe page has also been established.

Reed was recently transferred from ICU to Trauma 1. He's expected to be remain hospitalized for the next couple of weeks.

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