Murphy Farms donates to Lawton organizations

Murphy Farms donates to Lawton organizations

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A local family owned farm teamed up today with the Lawton Humane society and New Direction for a good cause at the Lawton YMCA.

Murphy's Farms, hosts a weekly farmers market at the YMCA, but this week was different. Over 600 freshly picked cantaloupe is being sold and 100% of the sales will be donated. People attending could also drop off donations of pet food, toys and kennels for the animals in need and also buy other home grown veggies at the market. Murphy Farms is hopeful they reached their goal of one thousand dollars for each organization, the Humane Society and New Direction.

"We just need to help somebody. One person at a time can make a difference in the world," said Organic farmer, Elisabeth Murphy.

Murphy said just seeing a sign about the need for help by the Humane Society and New Direction is when she decided to make a difference in their organizations.

"It gets people to know hey there is a Humane Society in Lawton/Comanche County and that once they get to know us maybe I can get more fosters in. The more fosters, the more animals I can take care of," said President of the Human society, Thomas Brown.

Brown says events like today show people they care about the animals and if weren't for community and the donations of kennels, food, toys and money, they wouldn't be able to take care of the animals who are starved, abused or homeless in Lawton.

"I myself have an abused doberman that was terribly abused and I'm a dog lover," said Murphy.

Murphy says she also has a passion for helping women and those who are or have been a victim of abuse or sexual abuse and wants to be able to give something to the New Direction program that they've never been able to do, allow people to bring their dogs into the shelter so they can escape.

"Most people won't leave their situations if they can't bring their pets with them, so what we're hoping to do is, hopefully it will be October when the project is completed and build an onsite shelter for the pets, so the residents have access to them 24 hours a day," said Michelle Amerson, counselor at Marie Detty of New Directions.

Murphy says it's the great people of the community that make what she does and events like this so rewarding.

"I have a lot of customers and I'm just so appreciative of them to come help me and come support this great cause," said Murphy.

If you would like to donate to the Humane Society, email or if you want the New Directions program call 580-357-2500.

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