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Baylor optimistic for future following offseason scandal

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - The story in the Big 12 this offseason has been the sexual assault investigation at Baylor. It's a scandal that cost football coach Art Briles his job. In his place steps Jim Grobe, who last coached at Wake Forest in 2013. Grobe feels that he's part of a program and a university that is headed in the right direction.

“The problems we are dealing with at Baylor, or have dealt with at Baylor to this point, are problems that are probably at every university in the country. I would hate to say everyone, but I would guess most universities are having some of the same issues we've had at Baylor,” states Grobe. “You can make a call as to whether you think Baylor was too strong in the way they dealt with it. Unbelievably, I've had people tell me they didn't think they dealt with it strong enough. But I think going forward, do we want to learn from our past mistakes? We absolutely want to learn from our past mistakes. And we are doing that. Baylor University right now is better than ever.”

Grobe was brought on board, mainly for his pristine reputation. He served as the chair of the A-F-C-A Ethics Committee for eight seasons. now he's hoping to help the Baylor football program turn the page.

“I think the things we put in place at Baylor right now, and it's an ongoing process, are going to help us going forward. From my standpoint, I want to put my arms around the good kids that we've got and love them up. And I've been able to do that I think. Now once we start football practice, I might have to kick them in the seat of the pants once in a while,” says Grobe.

The Big 12 is working to uncover more of the details in the Baylor investigation. Commissioner Bob Bowlsby made it clear that it's a scandal that's affected the other nine members of the conference as well.

“We don't have legal standing. We have associational issues. And we have...I think there are certainly those among our board to go back to Brian's question that have felt that the image of the Big 12 and the other members of the Big 12 have been sullied as a result of this incident. It's gotten a lot of publicity obviously. That really is why the board took the steps they took,” says Bowlsby.

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