Blue lines on curbs show police support

Blue lines on curbs show police support

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Residents in the Fields and Dunning neighborhood are showing their support for local officers after the past month's violent events across the nation.

Neighbors have a blue line painted on their curbs to show their support for officers while they are patrolling the area. After a string of burglaries, people who lived there got to know the officers better and wanted to let them know that they are in an area where they are appreciated and supported.

Driving through the neighborhood, you can see a thin blue line outside more than 40 houses in the neighborhood, including Jan Stinnett's. She says officers don't get thanked enough and she wanted to show her gratitude toward them after everything that's happened across the nation.

"Because we don't think hate is the answer. We have to support our law enforcement because they protect us. So, it's very important to tell them that we care," Stinnett said.

Those who started painting the curbs in Lawton say they saw the idea on Facebook, and thought it was something they needed to do as well. Stephanie Hoffman's husband is a sheriff's deputy and she says when they were walking through the neighborhood and saw a blue line he was touched by the gesture and that's why she got behind the idea.

"It is scary out there right now but they...any law enforcement officer needs to know that they're supported and the more people they have standing behind him, I'm sure it makes their job seem easier," Hoffman said.

Detective Nancy Lombardo says residents all across the city are coming out and showing their support.

"It's the unexpected stuff that really means the most," Det. Lombardo said.

Another area resident says he wants officers to know that by having the blue line on his curb, they are keeping an eye out to make sure officers are safe.

"Law enforcement is the thin blue line between civilization and anarchy, and a lot of people don't realize that and you know, one police officer has to cover a lot of citizens. You know, they're spread thin and we just want to let them know that we appreciate them," Danny Cox said.

Aimee Mavity, the woman who painted the lines on the curbs, hopes to see other neighborhoods join the movement. She's willing to drive around Lawton to paint the line, if asked. You can reach her at 580-583-1298.

A prayer vigil and gathering will be held in Shepler Park on Friday, July 22, at 7 p.m. to offer support for our communities first responders.

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