City Councilman's stolen iPad recovered

City Councilman's stolen iPad recovered

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)- J&J Burk Mechanical in Lawton was burglarized Monday and a City of Lawton iPad was taken from Councilman Jay Burk's business.

On Tuesday, the device was tracked to Apache Casino by a City of Lawton IT employee. When police arrived, the device was powered down and the signal was lost.

The signal reactivated later that day and tracked to Northridge Apartments at Northwest 15th Street and Lawton Avenue. However, the signal could not be narrowed down to a particular apartment.

The following morning, the iPad was located on the 1000 block of Northwest 16th Street. When police arrived, they found a man, identified as Jahmel Geathers, sleeping in a van parked in the driveway. Geathers claimed he was sleeping in the van because he had been arguing with his girlfriend.

Geathers admitted to police that he had been at the Apache Casino and Northridge Apartments in the days prior. The property owner asked Geathers, to leave the property 48 hours prior, and had not given him permission to sleep in the van. The property owner declined to press charges.

The iPad was recovered from the van. When the property owner was asked if the iPad was his property, he stated that he "did not know what an IPAD is." Geathers claimed that only the shoes and the hat in the van belonged to him.

Police were able to match the iPad serial number to the one that was stolen from J&J Burk Mechanical.

Geathers was arrested for possession of stolen property. It was then that he told police that he had bought the iPad and didn't steal it. Before he was placed into the police car, a search revealed a small bag of methamphetamine in Geathers' pocket.

Charges will be presented to the District Attorney's Office on Friday.

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