Teens spend summer vacation cleaning city stream

Teens spend summer vacation cleaning city stream

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -A group of teenagers is doing their part to keep the creeks and streams in Lawton clean and safe.

The Lawton Leos, a subdivision of the Lawton Lions Club for teenagers that began in 2015, spent Friday morning cleaning the creek at Northwest 38th Street and Rogers Lane. The teenagers walked through the mud and climbed into bushes and trees along the creek where they dug trash out of the water. This is one of their many service projects they do in the community.

The group recently helped the Red Cross with flood assistance. They've also held blood and food drives and even traveled to a children's shelter in Stillwater to give them gift cards.

The group adopted the creek through the City of Lawton Adopt a Stream program, and will be cleaning it every couple of months.

The Lawton Leos are high school students who simply want to make Lawton a better place to live.

"We just do it so we can make a difference in our community and know that we're really changing something because when you come out here and see the trash you know no one is going to pick it up unless someone steps up and does it," Elisa Murillo, a Lawton Leo, said.

The group decided to clean the creek simply because one of their leaders saw how much trash was in the area and wanted to get to work.

"There are people out there that are littering and dirtying up our world and we've got to clean it up to keep our world clean and healthy," Jeremy Smith, a Lawton Leo, said.

The group got out to the creek at 9 a.m. Friday while most teens were likely still sleeping and enjoying their summer vacation.

"It's not natural for teenagers like us or littler kids to do that or other kids out there in the community who do that for good causes," Smith said.

"It makes us feel special to recognize and realize something needs to be changed and that we're willing to do it," Murillo said.

While there is no doubt cleaning the creeks is great for the community, that is not all the children are getting out of the service.

"The good feeling that you did something good in the community and it's fun to be out here with the kids your own age and have fun," Smith said.

"Getting caught in the quicksand and getting our feet all dirty and we were just having fun together and that's just what it's all about, having fun," Murillo said.

The Lawton Leos are always looking for more teenagers who are looking to get involved with having fun while doing their part to help the community. They encourage anyone interested in joining to check out their Facebook page for more information.

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