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Duncan Spirit Bell Project

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Duncan High School hopes to bring new life to their football program by using something old. The Duncan Demon Quarterback Club has started what they call the Spirit Bell Project. The goal is to erect a monument with an antique bell to be rung at various events at the high school.

The bell was manufactured in 1909, the same year the Demons football program began. The monument they plan to build... will be made of approximately 200 customizable bricks sold to the public and placed in the southwest corner of the stadium. Athletic director and football coach Craig Benson believes the bell will enhance the gameday experience on Friday nights in Duncan.

“I think it's the start of a unique tradition. It's something that, I know Texas Tech has one and several other colleges have. I don't know that anybody in the state of Oklahoma as far as a high school has one. So, it could be rather unique and so we look forward to it,” says Benson. “You know, the bell is really unique. An older bell that he found that's going to be on top of the monument that's built. So, I think it's the start to something really neat.”

The community has already purchased 140 of the 200 bricks for the monument. If you would like to purchase one of the remaining 60, order forms can be found at www.duncanqbclub.org .

Each brick is $100. 20% of the proceeds go toward the construction of the monument. The rest will be used by the QB Club to support the football program.

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