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Camp hopes to groom future football stars

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Lawton has had it's fair share of athletes excel on the football field. Today, a few former Lawton football players came together to mold future Lawton gridiron stars.

The Boys and Girls Club of Lawton held a football camp for children in the community. Over 50 young athletes showed up to run through basic drills and exercises to better learn the game. Volunteer instructor Jacobi Crowley explains the bright side of the camp is the increasing numbers and interest in the game of football for children in the city of Lawton.

“You want to see a big turnout or a good turnout towards anything that you do. And looking at the event we have here, the camp, it just shows we can do it next year and the year after next and make it a tradition of how many kids want to come out and learn,” says Crowley. “Like I said, last year our main focus was showing enthusiasm and showing you can have fun playing this game. And I think we our doing a great job of spreading that message across the city of Lawton.”

Crowley joined other former Lawton players to coach the group of future talent, including former Eisenhower Eagle and Houston Cougar Adrian McDonald. He feels he has a responsibility to mold youths this early in their football journey.

“You know, guys came back and gave back like Will Shields. So you know, he made it big into the league. And you kind of...that dream is touchable. So that's why I'm here. To give back to the community and show the kids that it's possible to come from Lawton and make it to the highest level,” says McDonald.

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