Oklahoma democrats join thousands in Philadelphia

Oklahoma democrats join thousands in Philadelphia

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) –  Many democrats from Oklahoma have joined thousands of others in Philadelphia gearing up for the party's national convention.

They will spend the week trying to counter the attacks made last week by the Republicans, and also deliver a message of party unity. The leak of emails from the Democratic Party Headquarters shows an attempt to support Hillary Clinton and to derail Bernie Sanders' campaign.

The Head of the Comanche County Democratic Party, Charles Kolker, says although Bernie Sanders won the Oklahoma primary, now that Hillary Clinton is the nominee, their main goal now is to support her.

"Hilary is indubitably the most qualified. After all she has been the first lady for two terms. She was a state senator from New York, secretary of state for four years. So she has an accumulation of experience that is unmatched," Kolker said.

Kolker says Hillary's email scandal will be used against her, but it is something that needs to be left behind.

"After a while, you beat this thing to death for so long. Then, people get bored with it and I think they are quickly going to realize that it is an overused point that has not much validity as far as our national well-being is concerned," Kolker said.

Kolker says one of the biggest issues the Democrats must address is balancing their tax system so the wealthier are not the ones that profit the most from it.

"One of the biggest is income inequality and the fact that there has been so many tax deductions for the extremely wealthy that they have accumulated wealth beyond all proportions to the rest of the population, creating a gap of the very rich and the middle class and the poor," Kolker said.

Kolker hopes the Democratic party takes away one thing this week after the convention.

"I think we will see Democrats unifying. Obviously I don't have any insight on what Bernie is going to say when he speaks, but I believe what he is going to say that the democrats need to get behind Hilary Clinton," Kolker said.

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