Medicine Park Aquarium is back on track to open

Medicine Park Aquarium is back on track to open

MEDICINE PARK, OK (KSWO) - The long-awaited Medicine Park Aquarium and Natural Services Center will open soon.

The aquarium was scheduled to open last year. However, the aquarium has had several setbacks. The most recent setback was a year-long discussion with the fire marshal.

As of this week, the aquarium is working to get everything complete. Aquarium director Doug Kemper says they are still working to find out the exact date of their grand opening.

"Those that have never been to a major aquarium and science center are going to be in for a treat. Right here in Southwest Oklahoma, we're going to have this wonderful institution that will be a compelling family attraction and, certainly, a science education center for our school kids," Kemper said.

The aquarium is now on track to open sometime late this year, or early next year. While the indoor portion of the aquarium will be open this winter, the outdoor botanical gardens will likely remain closed until the weather allows.

The aquarium will feature all of the fish native to Oklahoma and exotic species, like electric eels.

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