Lightning struck, car port caught fire

Lightning struck, car port caught fire

GERONIMO, OK (KSWO) - Lightning from one of these summer storms on Saturday struck a car port in Geronimo, causing it to catch fire. The fire was on Wisconsin Street around 5:30 p.m. The resident got out of the house, just in case the fire at the car port spread to the home.

Geronimo Fire Chief Norman Leveille says the firefighters got the fire out in about 5 minutes, before it could reach the home.

He described what the resident heard before evacuating the home.

"The individual that lives here says that there was a loud crack, and then followed by a short column of smoke, and then next thing you know the car port behind us was totally engulfed," said Leveille.

The chief says because the fire didn't reach to the inside of the home, the resident could go back home once they determine it is safe.

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