Volunteers clean up local park

Volunteers clean up local park

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) – A group of volunteers from a Lawton church have pitched in to help with cleanup at Lincoln Park, right next to Lincoln Elementary School.

Members of Calvary Baptist Church contacted the school district after noticing a lot of damage and debris that remained after the most recent flood that heavily impacted the central part of the city. The school and the park are located at SW 6th and I Avenue. While the park is used by people in the neighborhood, the school's athletic teams also use it for practice. The church saw this as an opportunity to show the students that the community cares about them, and their school.

"Helping the kids have a great start to the school year, that was our goal. It's so exciting for the kids to start school, and we wanted to have a good place for them to play, and make it just like it was before the floods," said volunteer Kathy Cloud.

Cloud said crews from Lawton Public Schools helped clear away some of the larger debris this morning, and their volunteers are now handling the rest of the work. They're expecting a larger group to join them for a couple of hours tomorrow morning.

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