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Receivers aplenty for the Sooners

NORMAN, OK (KSWO) - Oklahoma is looking for leadership among the receivers with the departure of Sterling Shepard. Offensive Coordinator Lincoln Riley has noticed a few of the veteran guys step up right away in practice.

“Jarvis Baxter has definitely become more vocal. Dede is a little more vocal, but that's not really his deal. He's a little bit more I'm going to lead by example,” says Riley. “And I think Baker has taken up some of that. The fact that he's been settled in. That he's been through a year now.”

As far as talent goes, Westbrook leads the pack coming into this season. However, Baker Mayfield says plenty of young guys are determined to impress in practice.

“AD Miller, Dahu Green, Jeffery Mead. People haven't even heard of Nick Basquine yet, but he might end up starting for us. But he's going to play a lot anyways. Jarvis Baxter, even Mark's improved his game. He's leaned up more. He looks very good right now,” explains Mayfield. “I've mentioned it a couple times, but I think they're sick and tired of hearing our receivers aren't going to be any good because Shep's gone. They should absolutely take that personal. They're here playing receiver at Oklahoma for a reason. I trust them and they're playing well right now and we're only going to keep progressing as camp goes on.”

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