Contractor concerns in Duncan

Contractor concerns in Duncan

DUNCAN, OK (KSWO) - Homeowners in the Duncan area are getting unsolicited calls from a contractor selling roof repairs. It shows up as local call. The salesperson sets an appointment, but in at least one case, never shows up.

The calls have one man concerned and he wants to spread the word to his neighbors. What makes this even more puzzling is that neither The Oklahoma Construction Industries Board nor the Better Business Bureau have records of the company and they are still trying to determine even if it exists.

Raymond Garrett has lived in Duncan for 11 years. He does not understand how the company got his cell phone number, his home address, and how they knew his insurance company.

Last week he started getting phone calls from a local number reading "Oklahoma Solutions."

"They wanted to check my roof," said Garret. "They checked my neighbor's roof and found damage to their roof that they did not even know that they had. They said that they were going to come out at 7 p.m. on a Thursday and check my roof, and they never showed up."

Garrett says he had never heard of the company, and the phone calls just kept coming in. He searched the company on the internet and found only a LinkedIn profile.

"Most of the time it was a hang up call, and they would either breathe in the phone and hang up," said Garrett. "This one number finally called me by name."

If you give "Oklahoma Solutions" a call, the number will ring a few times then go to a recording saying the number has disconnected.

Duncan Police Lieutenant John Byers says companies like "Oklahoma Solutions" have to obtain a special license and have a permit to do any type of work, including roofing, in the city of Duncan. He says home owners need to be alert when they get an unsolicited phone call from someone offering to do work on their home.

"Also don't pay until the work is completed", said Byers. "A lot of people they have called in and said they want to pay this much or that much up front. You don't have to pay anything until the work is completed, and that would be my suggestion. If they say I need to buy materials, it's okay go buy your materials, when you're finished I'll then pay at that time."

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