New Indiahoma Coach overcomes obstacles

New Indiahoma Coach overcomes obstacles

When most of us think of superheroes, we think of Superman or Batman. But at Indiahoma High School, there's a super coach who's teaching important lessons on and off the court.

Coach Mason Campbell is like no other. As a child he lost the use of both of his hands and both his legs. Thats not stopping him from following his dreams to be a coach.

Campbell has only been on the job for three days... but everyone already loves Coach Campbell. They're excited to have him at the school because of the example he sets.

Campbell is the new Baseball, Basketball, Track and Field, Cross Country and PE coach at Indihoma High. Caring, compassionate, and encouraging", are the words Campbell uses to describe himself.

When Campbell was a baby he contracted meningitis, which caused him to lose both legs. He also had one arm amputated just below the elbow and the other at the wrist. Campbell has always had a passion for sports.

"It has never kept me down, like these kids out here. I played sports growing up, PE from junior high, to little league sports, junior high football, to high school sports, I loved it, said Campbell. Now Im here to help teach these kids what I learned over the years, its extraordinary to me, I feel excited", Campbell said.

Campbell uses prosthetic legs to walk. He refuses to give up and hopes to inspire others to do the same.

"No matter what you are going through, small or major. You know just have faith. I mean faith is my number one word. I mean without faith your nothing, Campbell said. Have faith, keep working, and eventually good is going to come out of it, Campbell said.

Campbell says every day he lives by one goal, to touch as many lives as possible.

"I been through bumps and hills up along the way, Campbell said. Just to show other students, teachers, other faculty, or anybody else in this world and outside of this school district and that is to keep pushing, Campbell said.

Summer Hill and Cassandra Hall are tenth graders at Indiahoma. The described coach as a strong person who does not let anything get in his way.

"He was telling us about his life story. When people have struggles like that, and I see that they can get through things like that, then it makes me feel like I can get through anything, said Hill.

"He shows that he can overcome his disability and it makes me think I can be better than I am. I can overcome any obstacle that comes my way, said Hall.

Coach Campbell has a son who is in the first grade at Indihoma. He says his main goal this year is to focus on baseball, basketball, track, and cross country. His future plans are to create a football team.

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