Congrats to 9 LPD officers who completed grueling training to make the dept.'s Bicycle Team

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) - Nine Lawton Police Officers recently applied for open positions on the Department's Bicycle Team. The initial qualification course included a 3-mile bike ride and one mile run within twenty-one minutes to even be considered.

The forty-hour course that was conducted last week in Lawton.  Officers were trained in everything from basic bicycle safety, including hand signals and proper riding techniques, as well as, officer safety while being on a bicycle as opposed to a police car.

Officers were put through a variety of physically demanding events that included an obstacle course which had a pre-determined time to finish. Physical fitness was a priority as the officers also participated in daily physical training with the instructors. Officers were also required to complete distance rides of 10, 15 and 20-mile rides throughout the week. All 9 Officers passed the final testing for this course.

On August 5. the new Bicycle Officers participated in a "field training program" riding with a senior bike officers to experience real bike patrol work outside of the patrol car.

Besides patrolling neighborhoods, bicycle patrol officers are utilized for a variety of community events including, parades, park events and other special events held year round throughout the City

New bicycle patrol Officers include Sergeant Christopher Hally, Sergeant Timothy Jenkins, Sergeant Elijah Garcia,  Sergeant Cameron Paterson,   Officer Collin Ney, Officer Danny Smith, Officer David Folkert, Officer Daniel Hallagin and Officer Andrew Foreman.

We would like to congratulate these nine Officers for passing this grueling and physically demanding course.

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