OCSP Summer Savings Adventure Sweepstakes winner is an OKC 1st grader

OCSP Summer Savings Adventure Sweepstakes winner is an OKC 1st grader

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KSWO) – An Oklahoma City first-grader will have a little help paying for college.

Liam Charles Colgan is six years old and attends Quail Creek Elementary School, was announced today as the winner of the first Oklahoma 529 College Savings Plan (OCSP) Summer Savings Adventure Sweepstakes. Liam will receive a prize of $5,529 toward his OCSP account and a special Zoo gift basket featuring a one-of-a-kind painting by the Zoo's elephants.

The Summer Savings Adventure Sweepstakes was sponsored jointly this summer by the OCSP and the Oklahoma City Zoo. Entries for the free, statewide sweepstakes were accepted from late May through the end of July.

"We've always wanted to make college savings a priority and we feel like the 529 accounts make it very easy for us... I think he was more excited about going to the Zoo and getting a gift basket from the Zoo than he was about winning the money," Liam's mother, Erin Colgan, said.

State Treasurer Ken Miller, board chair of the OCSP, offered his congratulations to Liam.

"We're thrilled to know that Liam will have a great boost to his OCSP account. Our goal with the Summer Savings Adventure was to spark the conversation about saving for higher education costs during the summer – a time when many people may not be thinking about education. I appreciate our partnership with the Oklahoma City Zoo to help get that message out to Oklahomans all over the state," Miller said.

Dwight Lawson, the Zoo's executive director, says the sweepstakes' emphasis on education is shared by the Oklahoma City Zoo.

"The educational experience we offer our guests is something that is very important to us. We're happy to encourage educational attainment and to see one of our fans benefit from this sweepstakes," Lawson said.

More information about opening an OCSP account to save for your child's future can be found at www.ok4saving.org.

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