City helps spread message for water quality awareness month

City helps spread message for water quality awareness month

LAWTON, OK (KSWO) -August is Water Quality Awareness month and the City of Lawton is making sure residents are taking care of, and not polluting our water. You may have seen signs on or near neighborhood drains. The city is putting them up to make sure the community is aware that anything that ends up on the ground, could potentially end up being swept into the watershed when it rains. That is the same water that makes it into our lakes and streams, which feed our city's drinking water supply.

High quality water is something the City of Lawton has continuously worked hard to achieve. Environmental specialist, Cynthia Williams says with the amount of littering around the city, it makes their job harder and more difficult to keep the water the way it is now.

"We have A quality water here in the streams. We do go out with the conservation commission once a month and test East Cache Creek in two different locations and the parameters in it are very good and we have excellent aquatic life in it right now," said Williams.

Williams says picking up your trash is just one of the easiest things you can do to keep the water clean, but also.

"To fix leaky cars. If you're not able to fix it right away, at least put something under it to catch those drips. You can also make sure your trash cans are covered," said Williams.

Leaving your pet's waste on the ground can also do more harm than people think. Williams says while some people say it helps their grass, it also makes runoff water that flows into the creeks polluted.

"It has high concentrations of nitrogen in it. It is not considered something they can compost. It's not a fertilizer, so it's best if they would bag it and throw it in the trash can," said Williams.

Williams says the number one source of pollutants in Oklahoma's water is sediment. She says this can be prevented if residents stabilize the ground after they disturb the soil, such as putting in sod or planting grass. She hopes the community will become educated to keep Lawton's water top notch.

"The water we have right now will be the only water we ever have, so if we do not take care of it and prevent any pollution, then we will not have clean drinking water for later on," said Williams.

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