City Hall water fountain restored

City Hall water fountain restored

LAWTON, OK (KSWO)-A historical landmark in Lawton is back up and running for the first time in 75 years.

This year's Lawton Fort Sill Leadership Class challenged themselves to get this 85-year-old water fountain back in working order. The fountain now sits outside Lawton City Hall, which once served as the city's only high school. The fountain was gifted to the school by the Lawton High Class of 1931.

Class spokesman Steve Doughty said tackling the job took about eight months, with much of that time spent researching what the fountain looked like when it was in working order.

" We spend a lot of time trying to improve and better our community through new construction, new restaurants, new facilities, new hotels, things like that, but often times we don't give the attention to the things that we have, and having the opportunity to preserve a piece of Lawton history was appealing to our class and something we were excited to be a part of," said Doughty.

Members say they wanted to make sure to preserve the integrity of the fountain, and worked to get it as close to what it looked like when it was first constructed. They went as far as working with company that specializes in preserving historical structures. And while water is flowing, the fountain isn't finished. A permanent power and water source must still be established.