SWOSU students gained hands-on, real-world experience over the summer

SWOSU students gained hands-on, real-world experience over the summer

WEATHERFORD, OK (KSWO) – This summer 32 graduate and undergraduate students at Southwestern Oklahoma State University in Weatherford to gained hands-on, real-world experience in their sales skills and management course.

The students shadowed sales experts in marketing, health care administration, management, pharmacy, psychology and organizational leadership.

Each student identified a sales mentor to guide them in gaining a better understanding of their industry.  Mentor career fields ranged from real estate and banking; pharmaceutical sales and physical therapy; restaurants and food manufacturers; retail clothing and fashion design; as well as interior design and new home construction.

"In our first year it was great to have a diverse group of students working together in the sales shadow program. They brought a wealth of industry specific knowledge to each discussion, which enabled students to deeply consider the sales concepts in a variety of fields," said SWOSU Marketing Professor Dr. Amanda Evert.

The program empowered students to work together to see the real-world implications of the sales concepts and prepare for their future careers.

"This experience was eye opening and confirmed even more to myself that I have a passion for this type of work and want to pursue this type of industry in my career," said SWOSU MBA student Gentry Rogers.

The real-world utility of the course concepts included encouraging the students to focus on key concepts of sales including developing a selling philosophy as well as relationship, product, customer and presentation strategies and finally the impact of management in sales.

"It is very rewarding to have completed our first summer with so many success stories. I am hopeful the program will continue to grow as students seek out opportunities for real-world learning. I want students to leave the course with a competitive advantage that includes a strong understanding of the applications of the lessons they learn at SWOSU," Evert said.

The SWOSU Summer Sales Shadow program is currently scheduled again for 2017 for both graduate and undergraduate students from all academic majors.

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